Hi, and welcome! If you're a new user, please read all the following rules and guidelines carefully.


  1. You are free do do whatever you wish with your fan fiction characters, but when you're putting them in categories, please make sure they're the right category (Eg: An eevee goes in the eevee categories, as well as the eevee evolution categories).
  2. If you have a main character, please pleace them in the "Main Character" category. 
  3. Once you make a Character, please bracket your user name beside the character title, as other people may have made characters with the same name.
  4. Do the same with story making. (Referring to step 3)
  5. Please don't add new categories without asking me. (Cherrydawn)


Your character may be a human, person, or pokemon. Please keep in mind that the main focus is eevee and eevee evolutions.

Please add your character to the right categories. Check the wiki first to make sure your wanted category exists.

Fan FictionsEdit

Please make sure you have proper grammar, and that your fan fictions revolve around eevees. Also, please add them to the correct categories, and post your user name beside your fan fiction title.

(Help link here)